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VOIDED @ Philly Fringe 2018 - Reel 1
Video credit: AJSP!


Philly Fringe 2018

What is it to be an unconventional Indian woman trying to exist in a marginalizing world? Voided is a solo performance inspired by Pratima’s own experiences and the true story of Kalpana Chawla (the first Indian female astronaut in space and one of the crew members who died in the 2003 Columbia accident). It’s the exploration of culture, status quo, and representation that dares to color outside the lines.

Created and Performed by Pratima Agrawal

Created and Directed by Sarah Mitteldorf

Video/Projection Design by Anula Shetty

Sound Design by Rachel Ishikawa

Lighting Design by Ro Gauger

Voided was originally developed as part of the Philadelphia Asian Performing Artists (PAPA) 2018 Mini-Residency Program in partnership with Asian Arts Initiative. It was further developed as part of 1812 Production’s Jilline Ringle Solo Performance Program and funded by the Leeway Foundation’s Art and Change Grant for Philly Fringe 2018.

VOIDED @ Philly Fringe 2018 - Reel 2

Video credit: AJSP!

VOIDED @ Philly Fringe 2018 - Reel 3

Video credit: AJSP!


2018 Philly Fringe Interview:

2020 "I Put On Pants For This" Interview (1812 Productions):


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