Although coming from a relatively nomadic family, Pratima considers herself from Austin, TX by way of Bethlehem, PA. She attended The University of Texas at Austin and holds a B.A. in Psychology, Minor in Theatre and a teaching certification in Theatre Education.


She moved to Philadelphia 5 years ago for its vibrant arts and education scene and has since been inspired by the progressive community voices around the city. She currently works as a Teaching Artist, Performing Artist, and Arts Administrator. As a theatre educator, she strongly believes in the arts in the development of youth and the ability of each student to find his/her/their own voice. In her creative work, she finds purpose in projects that challenge her as an artist and push the boundaries of art and humanity. In her spare time, she volunteers with the Philadelphia Ready for 100 clean energy campaign. She's also a Sixers fan - GO SIXERS!

artist statement

I see myself as an artistic agent of change. How can the performing arts be used to ask relevant questions of ourselves and our world with the purpose of disrupting the status quo and moving towards positive shifts in the collective psyche? For me, this can encompass both the audience’s political, social, cultural, and spiritual landscape, as well as representation within the performing arts itself. 

philosophy of education

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